Could you live in a Housing co-operative?

What is the west end housing co-operative?

The co-operative is a group of people who jointly manage the houses they live in – 12 separate flats and houses. It is a legal body with rules approved by the registrar of friendly societies.

What do you get?

Somewhere to live… Not only that – you will live in a community where you have a real say in how your housing is managed.

What will the co-operative want from you?

Participation, it is essential that you accept the responsibility of membership and contribute positively to the control and management of the co-op’s affairs. All members of the co-op meet once a month in one of the members houses or flats – we rotate the venue – to go through the co-op’s business. At the: annul meeting, members of the co-op take on voluntary jobs for the coming year (chair, secretary, repairs, treasurer etc). However, members share their experience to help each other with the jobs. The co-op engages outside agencies to help with managing rents, major repairs and legal advice.

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We started the West End Housing Co-op in 1979............... All these years later, we now have 12 properties and many happy tenants (past and present), but our passion and dedication remain strong. Living within our community, you will find we still stay true to our roots- quality accommodation at very affordable prices!!!